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Welcome to our classifieds blog here at . Throughout this blog we will endevour to provide tips and insights into selling and marketing your goods and services a lot more effectively.We provide a platform where users are able to advertise their goods and services for sale without paying any fees or commissions through classified ads. You can advertise anything from your old university textbooks to your online e-commerce business. Users are able to advertise their goods in different categories and in different states, giving them a wider audience. Users are able to upload up to six images per ad at no extra cost. We have a younger demographic of members and visitors to the site, mainly from Australiabut also have a few overseas visitors to the site. Most visitors are from either organic search engine results or from universities and schools where we advertise the site. We hope you make the most out of the site and that you find it simple to use and easy to navigate, as this was our main objective in designing the site. We always welcome user feedback and will endeavor to improve the site with the help of our loyal users and visitors. Any suggestions can be made to .  Happy bargain hunting or selling!

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