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Sunday 4th Oct 09

Thu 27th Oct 09

Engineering Textbooks


Engineering textbooks and technical subject related books are probably the most common textbooks that are sold second hand in bookshops and through online classified sites. Some of these books are used as reference books. Some of these textbooks have been used by students during their studies and have later found useful in later studies or on the job, once they finish studying. These books can prove to be a valuable resource to professional engineers, scientist and technicians as reference books or teaching textbooks. It is quite common to see in the engineering practice, professionals using textbooks as reference books, and can most commonly be found at the tertiary level of study, where university textbooks are kept as references for later use or reference. One of the main reasons maths textbooks and engineering textbooks are the most common reference books are because these subjects change very little year to year. One of the few things that do change in most of these books is the problems or exercise questions at the end of the book or each chapter. These textbooks are considered very valuable to students and professionals alike, mainly due to their original cost and the quality of their content.

Sat 8th Aug 09

Selling textbooks


At the end of each semester most students decide to sell their old textbooks in order to finance the purchase of their next semesters textbooks. Second hand textbooks can usually sell for about 50-70% of their full value depending on their subject/use and condition. Many students also decide to keep their textbooks as reference books or to hand their old textbooks down to other family members that are planning to study the same field. When deciding to sell their second hand textbooks students should be sure that they will not use these books as they further their studies or careers. It is very common especially in technical subjects that final year students do wish to keep their textbooks as reference books after they graduate and start working in their field. university textbooks.

This is common in professions such as Engineering, Medicine, Finance, and Sciences.

These type of textbooks can sometimes cost in excess of $200 and are considered a hot commodity both as university books and reference books later on. Whatever students do decide to do with their textbooks when they finish studying it is important to consider what they plan to do after they graduate and evaluate the true value of a textbooks content before deciding to sell it or keep it. Gopost.com.au is a great site to advertise and sell your textbooks online.


Thu 6th Aug 09

Textbook online classifieds


Finished your studies for the first semester at university?, why not advertise your used textbooks or second hand textbooks online with gopost.com.au classifieds. Make the most out of your old books and get some cash to buy your new textbooks at the start of this new semester. All the best and we hope you can find whatever textbooks you need online on our classifieds website.