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Thu 27th Oct 09

Financial Services and Credit card offers

There are many advertisers that offer financial services or advertise different forms of credit or even credit cards themselves. These ads are usually under General, because we do not offer a credit card, loan or fianancial service section on our site. We advise that you treat these credit, loan, or credit card offers with caution and beware that some of these products may actually be more expensive than what they seem or are scams. Remember credit cards and loans are always intended to make money for the lender, and it is advisable you seek financial advice independently before engaging in any credit or loan application. If you do see any suspicious offers for loans, credit or credit cards please contact us via email and we may take appropriate action if we deem these offers malicious.

Thu 6th Aug 09

Tutoring Services

Advertise your tutoring services through classifieds in order to get a greater exposure to many different audiences. Each avenue will have a unique audience and the key is finding the right one that serves the market you are aiming for. Tutors are mainly in demand by high school or university students. These two groups of people spend a large time online and use online resources more than any other demographic. They also use online classifieds to both buy and sell their items quite extensively. Advertising in these mediums, such as online classifieds, will provide a good exposure level to these audiences who are most likely to be the key consumers of these products.