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Sat 8th Aug 09

Thu 27th Oct 09


Washing Machines and Dryers for sale


When browsing through classified ads on of the most common household items one can come across by are washing machines and dryers for sale. These are generally being sold by people who are moving out of their houses and interstate or to another country. A smaller part of these items on sale are from people wanting to upgrade their existing washing machine or dryer to a newer model. For students looking for a cost effective way of furnishing a new flat or dorm, this represents a good opportunity to pick up a bargain and only pay a fraction of the cost of a new model washer or dryer. These items can be found in the household goods or whitegoods section of your local classifieds or favourite classifieds website such as online classifieds.


Thu 6th Aug

Second hand fridge

Having bought my fridge second hand through a couple who had advertised their goods on an online classifieds site, I can say it can be tricky but at the same time rewarding. I spent a week and a half scanning several classifieds sites looking for the perfect value for money fridge. I came across a few and actually visited some of the sellers to have a look at the fridges, but some were in a very bad state and smelly.

I kept looking through the classifieds and even had a brief scan of the local newspaper classifieds, but didnt find anything that looked interesting. One day I logged on to one of the classifieds sites and performed my regular search and found a recently posted ad that described a near new big brand name fridge at half the cost of its new price. I contacted the seller and was able to organize a visit to his house. I found out that he was selling it due to him going back home overseas as he was an international student. I liked the look of the fridge, looked barely used and he had all manuals and original receipts. I was able to bargain the price of the fridge down to around 40% of its new cost; I still had to organize my own transport but was able to buy a good fridge at a great price.